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Purchase Archive Media

Copies of the photographs on this site can be purchased.  Purchase price is be dependent on who is making the order. There are different rates :-

  •  for organisations
  •  for individuals
  •  for people who are part of the Black-E community.

All the items under Publications & Recordings are either for sale - see the Market Place - or are free.

In addition, we will soon have available themed disks covering Black Dance, Textiles at the Black-E, Young People at Play, Women and the Arts, and more

If you want to purchase or acquire anything from this site which is not already listed in the Market Place, and specifically if you want acquire a photograph(s), then please provide the following information on the Form below.

We will get back to you with costs.

Please enter your full name here.


Enter your street address above.

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Purchase Details

Please provide the following information. The page/s the photograph/s is/are on. Number/s - count down from the top of the page, and please add anything else which will ensure that we locate the right ones.

How would you like to receive your files? If you choose both there may be an additional cost due to the extra effort required to provide two delivery media.

The Archive photographs were scanned at 4800dpi and will easily print to A3 size. Let us know if you require specific resolutions or file sizes. Give us any further instructions specific to you needs here.