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The Education For All Show - The Reading List - June 1970

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Reading List for Education For All


1870 Education Act*

1944 Education Act*

Half Our Future by Sir John Newsham*

1870 Education Act Folder

Much Ado About Education by Anne Corbett

Democracy and Education by John Dewey (especially chapter 1. - Education as a Necessity of Life & Chapter 2 - Education as a Social Function) *

The School That I'd Like by Edward Blishen (espcially chapters - All Kid Are equal & This Almighty God)*

Into Work by Michael Carter

Summerhill by A.S.Neil*

Risinghill By Leila Berg*

School and Innovation 1870  to 1970

Teachers world - supplement on 1870-1970

(Folder) Popular Education 1700 - 1870

The Struggle for Education 1870 - 1970

Children 1773 -1890 by Robert Ward

*= essential reading