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Young People

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Action Space - 1971 11-12-2018 5 days 21 hours ago
The Blackie Reports On Music - May 1993
This was the first of  four such Reports.  It was the only one done using old technology  - that is the photos, cartoons,  etc were cut out and pasted onto the background .   Read More
04-10-2018 7 weeks 6 days ago
The Blackie Reports On Food - 1998
This was the third of four such Reports.     Read More
04-10-2018 9 weeks 3 days ago
The Blackie Reports On Dance - 1995
This was the second of four such Reports.     Read More
04-10-2018 9 weeks 4 days ago
The Blackie Reports On Film - 2002
This is the fourth Blackie Reports and currently the last one.  It is somewhat longer than the others, eight pages as opposed to four and was run as part of Making a Difference programme.    Read More
05-10-2018 10 weeks 2 days ago
The Blackie Reports 03-10-2018 10 weeks 4 days ago
Merseyside Firsts - The Summer Tour-1989
Merseyside Firsts Summer Tour  The idea was an expansions from the 1986 playscheme 'Liverpool Firsts.'  In this instance the idea was to take young people on visits to places where there had been a Merseyside First and make a video illustrating  it. Read More
20-03-2018 38 weeks 4 days ago
Liverpool Firsts - 1986
Intro The majority of Themed Playschemes have been written up specifically for the Archive Website. This is not the case with 'Liverpool Firsts'.  Below is a Report which was written at the time.   It is unaltered apart from the condensing of some of the statistical information which in the original runs to several pages. Read More
24-08-2016 38 weeks 5 days ago
Second Sight - Silhouettes - August 1977
Second Sight was based on using photography to get people to look again.  It came in two parts - part 1 was  events around the City and part 2  was photographic games played with young people in 4 different playschemes.  This is a description of part two - although there are good descriptions of the games, we have very little in the way of photographs. Silhouettes Read More
25-07-2017 1 year 15 weeks ago
Food Events - Summer 1976
The Idea   Read More
09-03-2014 1 year 20 weeks ago
The Outside Room
    Read More
26-04-2014 3 years 2 weeks ago
The State Of Play - Summer 1971 09-07-2016 2 years 17 weeks ago
Thou Shalt Knot - Christmas 82/83
The Idea Read More
30-10-2012 1 year 42 weeks ago
Uptown Downclown - Christmas 1983
The Idea Read More
16-10-2014 4 years 7 weeks ago
Yours Naturally - Summer 1984
Overview Read More
04-07-2015 3 years 17 weeks ago

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