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Playing Away

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Since its inception the Blackie has operated away from its home base. This is as true  of its work with young people as it is in other areas.

Archive Items in this Category: 
Eat Your Art Out - Summer 1987
The Idea : Our 1987 Summer Tour (part of Merseyside Play Action's Artists on Playschemes Initiative) was based on the participatory exhibition 'Eat Your Art Out' held at the Bede Gallery Jarrow in February 1987. Read More
25-02-2015 4 years 32 weeks ago
Food Events - Summer 1976
The Idea   Read More
09-03-2014 2 years 48 weeks ago
Merseyside Firsts - The Summer Tour-1989
Merseyside Firsts Summer Tour  The idea was an expansions from the 1986 playscheme 'Liverpool Firsts.'  In this instance the idea was to take young people on visits to places where there had been a Merseyside First and make a video illustrating  it. Read More
20-03-2018 2 years 15 weeks ago
Rainbows Unlimited - Summer 1988 08-03-2012 5 years 2 days ago
Second Sight - Silhouettes - August 1977
Second Sight was based on using photography to get people to look again.  It came in two parts - part 1 was  events around the City and part 2  was photographic games played with young people in 4 different playschemes.  This is a description of part two - although there are good descriptions of the games, we have very little in the way of photographs. Silhouettes Read More
25-07-2017 2 years 44 weeks ago
The Bird Works On Tour
The Birds Works came out of The Flower Works, originally a Gallery Game played in staff games sessions and then played with young people in playschemes both at the Blackie and on tour. Read More
16-09-2013 5 years 2 days ago
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