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Visual Arts

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African Connections - The Batiks -1992-1997
The Idea:  African Connections was a project which explored the links between traditional African dances and contemporary social dances.  It led to the creation and exhibition of 24 Batiks plus the creation of 24 flick books illustrating the chosen dances.. Read More
02-12-2017 29 weeks 4 days ago
Building Sight - The Concept -Sept 1974/Feb 1975
The Context:  The Blackie started its rebuilding programme in 1974  - as the building was stripped out there appeared the most amazing space which changed on a regular basis as the building work progressed. Read More
19-09-2014 1 year 31 weeks ago
Kites by Da Bei Feng
 Da Bei Feng was, when he first came to the Blackie Read More
21-04-2017 1 year 38 weeks ago
Participatory Vigils - 19th Nov - 3rd December 1983
The Vigils Read More
06-02-2016 1 year 42 weeks ago
Gifts For A City - The Event - April 1979
Gifts for a City was The Blackies' fourth participatory exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The ideas/inspirations behind the show were public sculptures, the Blackies' summer theatre 'Gifts to a City' and to get people thinking about how they would like their city to be.  Read More
05-08-2013 2 years 8 weeks ago
Gifts For A City - The Works - April 1979
The works below have been chosen from the works that were not taken home.  This means that we do not have equal numbers of works for each area; for instance only two for Toxteth.  Read More
31-10-2016 2 years 8 weeks ago
Going Solo - The Exhibition - 31st Oct - 4th Nov -1988
This Exhibition was created by The Great Georges Community  Cultural Project (colloquially Read More
20-04-2016 2 years 19 weeks ago
Hand To Hand
This Exhibition resulted from a Meeting And Greeting Game. Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
Participatory Vigils 2 - Richard Layzell - 26th Nov 1983
The Vigil Framework Read More
11-02-2016 2 years 42 weeks ago
Participatory Vigils 3 - Wendy Harpe - 3rd Dec 1983
The Vigil The Framework Read More
11-02-2016 2 years 43 weeks ago
Sheep Works And Head Works
First Game The players are invited to create an image of an object using smaller images of different varieties of the same object. The Headwork (a head made up of pictures of heads) and its companion the Sheepwork (a sheep made up of pictures of sheep) are two examples of how this was carried out at the Blackie. Read More
18-09-2012 3 years 35 weeks ago
The Bird Works On Tour
The Birds Works came out of The Flower Works, originally a Gallery Game played in staff games sessions and then played with young people in playschemes both at the Blackie and on tour. Read More
16-09-2013 3 years 28 weeks ago
The Common Thread – The Scottish T.U.C. Touring Exhibition February/March 1991
                                                       Read More
08-09-2012 6 years 5 weeks ago
The Movie Movie Show - 21st March 1969
The Movie Movie Show (The Pneuwritten) was a collaboration between the artist John Latham and the Event Structure Research Group led by Jeff Shaw from Holland.  The thinking behind the show, their influences and the approach of ERG is explained in some detail in the leaflet at the bottom of this which acted as a programme for the audience.  The following is an extract from the programme which set out how t Read More
29-07-2013 3 years 51 weeks ago
The Ribbon of Peace October/December 1990
This was an exhibition of a selection of works from the thousands of banners that made up The Ribbon Of Peace. 50 of the 150 individual banners that came to the UK were exhibited at the Blackie. Read More
19-09-2012 6 years 10 weeks ago
The Room Of Doors - 1968
This was our first visual arts activity and was a way of decorating the basement area in what was, when we moved in, a very dilapidated building. At the time the building was uded by a number of groups Read More
20-01-2016 2 years 50 weeks ago
The Room Of Doors - August 1968
The creation of an environment daily for four weeks. Read More
19-02-2015 2 years 49 weeks ago
Towards A Common Language - 22nd-28th October 1973 14-08-2012 6 years 14 weeks ago
WOManweb January/February 1991
“Many minds, but one heart.” (Chelmsford Branch banner of the NUGW). All of the banners collected together for this exhibition, with the exception of the Suffrage banner, were the work of women in Merseyside and the North West. Some of them were simply made – produced quickly for a demonstration; some of them contained months and months of intricate work and patience. Read More
08-09-2012 4 years 19 weeks ago
Women's Rites - May 1995
An exhibition of paintings by Monica Sjoo and works by North West artists Rebecca Doughty,  Judy Gough,  Jean Grant,  Read More
13-08-2014 3 years 48 weeks ago

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