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Artists Who Have Exhibited at The Black-E: A to G

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The artists below have all exhibited at the Black-E since it start in 1968. Wherever possible we have included the dates and event they were part of, but in some cases we lack this information - 40 years is a long time. .  

Mags Blackwell :  Sister To Shakespeare (1982).

Jackie Brougham : Food For The Eye, Or … Would You Like Your Egg Woven Or Knitted? (1988)

Miranda Bune : Food For The Eye, Or … Would You Like Your Egg Woven Or Knitted? (1988), Familiar Territory (1989),

Thalia Campbell : WOManweb (1991)

Shirley Cameron to Shakespeare (1982); 20th Birthday Party (1988);  Building Sight : Landscapes and Living Spaces (1974)

Judy Chicago : Sister to Shakespeare (1982); Song of Songs (2011/12), 

Lisa Collins : How Does Your Garden Grow (1988), Secret Gardens (1988)

Jenny Cowern : : Family Threads (1989)

Carol Crowe :  Participatory Vigils (1983)

Jane Downer : How Does Your Garden Grow (1988)

Rebecca Doughty :  Women's Rites (1990s)

Judith Duffey : Wear-With-All (1989)

Michelle Emsley : Wear-With-All (1989)

Grace Erikson: How Does Your Garden Grow (1988)

Andrea Foulkes: Animals for the use of ... (1989)

Pat Goudie: Family Threads (1989)

Judy Gough (previously Bates)  Sister to Shakespeare (1982), Women' Rites (1995),

Jean Grant : Women's Rites (1995)

Jan Green : Women's Rites (1995);  African Disco