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The 20th Birthday Celebrations - Stephen and Jimmy's Party - 29th May 1988

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Stephen Knox and Jimmy Tagoe created the last of the three parties.

The Programme

12pm - 2pm   Pat Rodaway : guitar and song - in the Gallery.  Pat Rodaway had been coming to the Blackie since he was a young lad.  He performed on the gallery stage but currently we do not have any  photos of this.

2pm   Tommy Jones :  Goyararu Karate - in the basement

Martial Arts in the basementMartial Arts in the basement

Above Martial Arts in the basement

This was an event where people could either watch or take part.

12pm   Da Bei Feng : Kites from the roof

Da Bei Feng worked at the Blackie for just over 2 years, at that stage he was called Ed George. He then changed his name and took up a range of Chinese arts including kite making.  Ed died in 1991.  For this event we flew his kites from the Blackie roof.  Below are two examples of the kites flown.

One of the kites flown during the partyOne of the kites flown during the party

12- 5  John Littlewood (British Chess Master)  in the Gallery

An unlikely event for the Blackie but a very successful afternoon.  John Littlewood played against some 8 tables simultaneously.  He also brought a couple of players from his Chess Club who helped the less experience players.

The chess tournament in operationThe chess tournament in operationThe chess tournament in operationJohn Littlewood in thought

Above the Chess Tournament in operation.

Once someone had played someone else took their place so there was a constant change of players.  The players ranged from young adults to kids. We do not have a record of how many people took part.

Young people taking part in the Chess TournamentJohn Littlewood playing young peopleJohn Littlewood playing young peopleYoung person playing chess

Above John Littlewood playing some of the younger contestants.

5pm   Dave Rickus  - Fireworks

This was a Triplicate Firework Presentation set off by Dave Rickus, a founder member of Triplicate and an ex Blackie worker.  

We do not have photos of this. 

8pm   The Last Poets  with Musicians

The Last Poets in concertThe Last Poets (Jalal Mansur  Nurridin and Suliman El Hadi) made their second visit to the Blackie during the 20th Birthday Celebrations when, as part of Stephen Knox's & Jimmy Tagoe's Party,  they performed in concert backed by local musicians Lloyd Massett (guitar) and Stuart Kershaw (drums).  . To read about the first visit click here

The event took place in the studio in the basement. It was introduced by Stephen Knox and J.J.Williams (not sure where Jimmy Tagoe was).

The audience in placeStephen Knox and J.J. introducing the concert

Above the audience in place,

Right Stephen Knox and J.J.Williams introducing the concert.


Below photos of the concert


Suliman on stage Jalal on stageThe last poets in concertSuliman and Jalal in concert

If you want to see further photos of the event click here

11pm-2am   Radio Doom Disco with Ramon Serrano

The disco took place in the studio and of course was led by Dave Kay who ran Radio Doom.  Radio Doom had been an essential part of the Blackie - they had over the years run a weekly soul disco for the young people of Liverpool 8, provided sound systems for shows,  radio stations during play schemes and taught young people the skills of DJ-ing including Ramon Serrano.

Dave Kay behind his decksDave Kay with Ramon Serrano

Above Dave Kay and Dave Kay with Ramon Serrano, below Dave Kay working the desks with Ramon grooving in the background

Dave Kay working the desks and Ramon in the background

The Studio was set up with the DJs at one end of the room, seating round the outside of the room and the centre left clear for dancing.

The Disco goers seatedDisco goers on both sides of the room

Above people seated on both sides of the room and below dancing

The disco in full swing