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Visiting Companies

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This section includes both a list of theatre groups and individuals who have visited the Black-E since 1968.  And the work of those theatre companies which do not fit elsewhere within any other category in this section.

Our approach to promoting theatre groups is pretty much the same as for promotions within other art forms. So this embraces theatre groups undertaking new work, groups from minorities whose work is less likely to be promoted, and groups whose work particularly appeals to the artists working at the Blackie.

This approach has been somewhat modified since The Relaunch following Redevelopment. As hiring the Black-E  becomes part of the way in which we earn money and balance our budget, it is now more likely that one can find theatre groups at the Black-E performing conventional end-on-text-based plays.

Archive Items in this Category: 
Bar Room Tales - Ken Campbell's Road Show - May 1970
Ken Campbell's  Road Show - led by the immitable Ken Campbell   - was a group of six performers based in Chorley Lancashire.  The Blackie promoted their Bar Room Tales in May 1970.  Read More
18-10-2013 6 years 37 weeks ago
Hires 02-08-2013 6 years 47 weeks ago
Visiting Companies and Individuals
 1960s 1970s Read More
18-07-2013 6 years 37 weeks ago
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