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Magic In The Parks - August/Sept. 1970

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The Aztec Temple Magic In The Parks was the Blackie's Summer Theatre for 1970

The Idea was to create a piece of outdoor theatre which would provide both pportunities for children and young people to be involved in a range of activities and to explore the four element of  fire, earth air and water.

Please note that unlike most parts of this archive photos on this page do not necessarily enlarge as they are taken from a DVD of a film and do not therefore have an appropriate level of quality

How It worked

Based round a 'Aztec Temple'  there were 5 main characters - the Elements overseen by Lord Ra (the Sun God).  The young people were divided into 'tribes' each attached to an element and each tribe was involved in activites appropriate to that element.


 Above the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water; below Lord Ra

Lord Ra with arms outstretched