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Inferno & Room of Roots - May 1972
Inferno and Room of Roots were the result of the Blackie working with two postgraduate students (Jenny Carroll and Judith Blundell) from Theatre Design at the Slade College of Art and two dancers (Di Davies and Dennis Greenwood) from the London School of Contemporary Dance. Read More
15-07-2013 3 years 50 weeks ago
Irie! dance theatre - 1992 & 1993
IRIE! dance theatre - Background Read More
09-06-2018 30 weeks 1 day ago
Irie! the black spirit - Review by Bill Harpe
Saltaire Dance is no more than a virtually undetectable small blip on the profile of the recently established National Curriculum for schools. It can surely only be because this Curriculum has been created by a non-dancing quango. Read More
18-06-2018 30 weeks 1 day ago
Kites by Da Bei Feng
 Da Bei Feng was, when he first came to the Blackie Read More
21-04-2017 1 year 37 weeks ago
Lorry Theatre - 18th August To 4th September 1969
Lorry Theatre was the first out door event staged by The Blackie,  below is part of the Press Release sent out prior to the event. "The proposal is for a Lorry Theatre Expedition. - jointly promoted by the Merseyside Arts Association and Great Georges - to tour 8/l2 open-air sites in Merseyside during the last two weeks in August. Read More
06-06-2017 1 year 25 weeks ago
Lunapark - Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal - 12th Jan 1973
Lunapark by the Belgian Group 'Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal' was performed at the Mountford Theatre in the Liverpool University's Students Union.   The following is the description by Neil Johnson from 7UP:- Read More
02-08-2013 5 years 22 weeks ago
Meredith Monk : Raw Recital - June 1972 21-05-2013 5 years 29 weeks ago
Meredith Monk: Education Of The Girl Child - June 1972
Education of The Girl Child - a one woman opera - by Meredith Monk is a solo piece which traces the life of a woman in reverse from old age to childhood. Read More
30-05-2013 5 years 26 weeks ago
Musica Electronica Viva - 8/9th Oct 1969
This was a concert by the MEV group from Rome promoted by the Blackie at the Bluecoat Concert Hall  on the 28th of October followed by a workshop on the 29th Oct at the Blackie. Below is taken from the Press Release. Read More
12-03-2015 3 years 42 weeks ago
Participatory Vigils - 19th Nov - 3rd December 1983
The Vigils Read More
06-02-2016 1 year 42 weeks ago