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Down To Earth Booklet - 1978
The Down To Earth booklet was produced after Down To Earth 1978. It contains the thoughts which informed and arose from the event itself. Read More
10-10-2015 3 years 14 weeks ago
Down To Earth Booklet - 1984 15-08-2015 3 years 18 weeks ago
Easter Casino 1974 09-03-2014 4 years 6 weeks ago
Eat Your Art Out - Summer 1987
The Idea : Our 1987 Summer Tour (part of Merseyside Play Action's Artists on Playschemes Initiative) was based on the participatory exhibition 'Eat Your Art Out' held at the Bede Gallery Jarrow in February 1987. Read More
25-02-2015 3 years 7 weeks ago
Eat Your Art Out - February 1987
When visitors arrived at the Bede Gallery they were given a small printed leaflet which read as follows Read More
19-02-2015 3 years 25 weeks ago
Educational Darts - 17/18th March 1971
This was the Blackie's second piece of model theatre on the education system - the first in 1970 was "Education for All". Read More
11-07-2017 31 weeks 22 hours ago
Edward Murphy OBE
Ed Murphy friend, supporter, volunteer and Chair of the Trustees from  around 1996 to his death in October 2016. As can be seen from the obituary below much of Ed's life took place in meetings and offices but reviewing our Photographic Archive it can be seen that he took part in or attended numerous events at the Blackie, particularly in the days when his work load was less. Read More
16-10-2017 20 weeks 4 days ago
Electronic Concert Discography - April 1968
Below is a (necessarily incomplete) discography of electronic and concrete music. With the exception of deleted records (i.e., available only at second-hand) all records may be obtained at, or ordered at Rare Records Ltd., 36, John Dalton St., Manchester. Tel: 0161-832-73/5 Unless otherwise indicated, all records are 12" L.P.’s. Read More
22-02-2015 3 years 45 weeks ago
Every Century Is Cause For Some Celebration
It looks like a skipping marathon.  All of the players have taken a skipping rope.  Some are skipping gently, some are skipping at speed, and some are trying out tricky footwork and crossed arms as they skip.  Then one player trips on their rope and stops skipping.  The player puts down the rope and lies down on the floor as if going to sleep.  Read More
22-06-2012 2 years 37 weeks ago
Expectation Promotes Unity
The players have been promised a party but first they are to decorate the room.  The players have been provided with a very long skipping rope, decorations, and a ladder. Read More
23-06-2012 6 years 29 weeks ago