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Poetry Plus

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The following are events based round a specific poet, but often with music, and/or additonal readers.  For some poets we built a specific environment.  By and large we know very little about these events since often all we have is the original leaflet and our ever fading memories.

Many of the links below are to Wikipedia but the Poetry Archive is also a brilliant resource for their works.

1. Bob Cobbings  (Fri 25th February) - presented an international selection  of concrete poetry, there was a lightshow and environment plus work by Peter Finch. Bob died in 2002, to read his obituary click here

2. Tom Raworth with music by Smoke. (Friday 7th July)

3. Pete Brown & Piblokto, with local poet  Ed George (deceased), and Mal Knight. Pete Brown  is a poet who has a long history of working with musciians, from being a lyricist for Cream to performing poetry to jazz.. Pete Brown & Piblokto were a progressive rock band and part of that history.

4. Libby Houston

5. Jeff Nuttall and Rose McGuire  (Friday 28th January).  The event was called JACK  and 'according to the leaflet'  was a piece to pull performers and audience even closer.. involving music. lightshow, environment, inflated structures, movement, voices...

Jeff Nuttall was known for his work with the People Show.  He played trumpet and piano in his own Jazz band  fro 5 years; did a comic strip for I.T.; and produced the underground magazine "My Own Mag" for 3 years.  His books include "Bomb Culture" and "Pig". He died January 2004 click here for his obituary

Jeff and Rose read  from their own works.

6. Mike Horovitz  both as a solo performer and with Pete Brown