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Poetry Events

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From the beginning Poetry Readings were part of the Blackie's cultural programme. This was a reflection of the times -  from the national profile of  poetry to the presence of the  Liverpool poet's, - the  poetry readings at the Bluecoat's (run by Wendy Harpe), and at Hope Hall etc. made Liverpool part of the poetry reading circuit.

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Poetry Plus
The following are events based round a specific poet, but often with music, and/or additonal readers.  For some poets we built a specific environment.  By and large we know very little about these events since often all we have is the original leaflet and our ever fading memories. Many of the links below are to Wikipedia but the Poetry Archive is also a brilliant resource for their works. Read More
27-11-2012 1 year 17 weeks ago
Starkies Stall - June 1977
THE IDEA:  for this outdoor event emerged from a conversation with artist and Read More
07-05-2015 45 weeks 1 day ago
Starkies Stall - The Poems -June 1977 23-06-2015 2 years 29 weeks ago
The Last Poets - Blessed Are Those Who Struggle - Dec. 1985
This was the first of two visits by the iconic group The Last Poets to the Blackie - the 2nd being in 1988 as part of the Blackie's 20th Birthday Celebrations. Read More
13-01-2017 42 weeks 4 days ago
The Last Poets - Oh My People - 29th May 1988
The Last Poets (Jalal Mansur&nbs Read More
01-02-2017 45 weeks 1 day ago
The Last Poets - Review
Of all the lines included in this collection - a collection which spans almost 20 years, from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s - the one that for me most tellingly sums up The Last Poets comes from the chorus to Suliaman El Hadi’s Blessed Are Those Who Struggle: ‘Bet­ter to die for a noble cause than to live and die a slave’. Read More
13-01-2017 51 weeks 18 hours ago
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