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Themed Boxes

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Themed Boxes are one of the ways in which artists at the Blackie create frames for others to fill.  Our first box ' My Room' was created as part of Sister to Shakespeare; it was 10ft long, 5ft high, and 6 inches deep. It was divided into 82 compartments of different shapes and sizes but was symmetrical both horizontally and vertically.  These spaces were filled by a variety of people which ranged from young children to professional artists with an object which indicated that this space was their 'room'.  From this original idea we developed a range of boxes (some of identical sizes and shapes others smaller with fewer spaces) which over the years have been filled with a range of objects from varieties of bread to images of peace and war.

In addition to making boxes for use within the Blackie we have made  boxes for the Walker Art  Gallery and for Liverpool schools. In all cases they provide for frame for other to fill. So they do not exist as a work until others have completed them.

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