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The Black-E has been exploring and creating games for over 40 years.  Staff and invited guests play them weekly.   They have been played in art colleges, schools, youth clubs, and art galleries.  They have been played indoors and outdoors.  They run across art forms.  Sometime the playing of the games is an end in itself.  Sometimes the games lead to the creation of visual works, music CDs, videos, poems, stories, and dances.



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Second Sight - Silhouettes - August 1977
Second Sight was based on using photography to get people to look again.  It came in two parts - part 1 was  events around the City and part 2  was photographic games played with young people in 4 different playschemes.  This is a description of part two - although there are good descriptions of the games, we have very little in the way of photographs. Silhouettes Read More
25-07-2017 1 year 20 weeks ago
Is Inspired By The Natural History Of Bees
The game begins when one of the players leaves the room.  When this player returns they begin what appears at first to be a private dance.  All of the other players then begin to copy and learn this dance. Read More
23-06-2012 2 years 29 weeks ago
Hand To Hand
This Exhibition resulted from a Meeting And Greeting Game. Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
DIY Of Upside-Down Children's Games
The four games described in this chapter are upside-down versions of the party games musical chairs and pic-a-stick, the playground game tig (or tag), and 'blind man's buff'.  Turning a familiar children's game or competition upside-down, however, is not easy.  It only seems easy and natural after it has been done.  Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
The DIY Of Accomplishment Games
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
The DIY Of Rescue Games
These games are based on two (and in some variations of these games on three) interlinking activities or tasks. Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
The DIY Of Travelling Games
There are as many different journeys which can be made across a room or space in the course of a game as there are journeys which can be made around the world.  Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
Almost any activity or task, or sequence or combination of activities and/or tasks, may provide the basis for a unison game.  These activities or tasks may be determined before the game begins, or determined (within prescribed limits) by the players during the course of the game.  Read More
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
The DIY Of Unmistakeable Games
30-04-2016 2 years 37 weeks ago
A Meditational Activity May Produce Growth
A picture of a flower is emerging stroke by stroke on a blackboard.  It is being created by a group of players.  All the players began this game by gently rising and sinking with boards balanced on their heads.  Any time a board has fallen to the floor, the player losing the board has gone over to the blackboard and made a single chalk mark towards the creation of a flower :  the player then returns to their place, replaces the board on their head, and begins again gently rising and falling.  Read More
23-06-2012 2 years 37 weeks ago
Water Works 2
Second Game The first part of the game is played in silence. The players are informed that each of them has been given a card which is allocated somewhere within the area of play (though not deliberately hidden). Read More
18-09-2012 5 years 17 weeks ago
Waterworks 1
First Game The first part of the game is played in silence with the players having been asked to think for some moments about the word 'water* - and also to think of one descriptive word which is often associated with water. Read More
18-09-2012 5 years 17 weeks ago
When One Problem Is Solved Another Problem Appears
It seemed an easy enough game at the beginning.  However, somewhat to the emerging surprise of the players, the game developed over five stages. Read More
23-06-2012 2 years 37 weeks ago
Why Games
Why Games  is an A5 leaflet which lays out the philosophical basis for the games. it is available to read or download here (the whole document  exists below), or if you want actual copies, they are available from the Black-E for the cost of the postage. Read More
16-10-2012 3 years 21 weeks ago

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