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Real life rescues  -  from burning buildings, sinking ships, earthquakes, avalanches and floods  -  make news around the world.  Yet there are no well known or popular games based on rescues.



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Becoming Breathless May Also Become A Friendly Habit
A player runs into a room where one player is lowering themselves to the ground in slow motion and the other players are each individually and quietly engaged in building card houses.  The running player is breathing heavily and beginning to sweat.  This player steps carefully over to the figure moving in slow motion  -  avoiding any vibration likely to disturb the card houses which are being assembled  -  and touches the slow moving figure on the shoulder.  After a moment of relaxa Read More
22-06-2012 4 years 9 weeks ago
Every Century Is Cause For Some Celebration
It looks like a skipping marathon.  All of the players have taken a skipping rope.  Some are skipping gently, some are skipping at speed, and some are trying out tricky footwork and crossed arms as they skip.  Then one player trips on their rope and stops skipping.  The player puts down the rope and lies down on the floor as if going to sleep.  Read More
22-06-2012 4 years 9 weeks ago
Frustration May Be The Mother of Invention
  A group of players are busy arranging a collection of wooden bricks into a large circle.  Read More
22-06-2012 4 years 9 weeks ago
Songs Provide Illumination
  A large tree has been painted on the back wall of the room.  Lighting is low and players are lighting small candles (night lights), and carrying them carefully across the room and hanging them from a myriad of hanging points among the branches of the tree. Read More
22-06-2012 4 years 9 weeks ago
The DIY Of Rescue Games
These games are based on two (and in some variations of these games on three) interlinking activities or tasks. Read More
30-04-2016 4 years 9 weeks ago
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