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It was John Grierson (1898-1972), the father of the documentary film, who observed that the time would come when cameras recording people’s lives would no longer be in the hands of professional photographers and film makers but would be in the hands of ‘the people’ themselves. That time came some decades ago for still pictures and is now, through digital technology, true of moving pictures.



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Doors and Gates
This games was played over two weeks and the intention of the game was to end up with a photographic exhibition of Doors and Gates. Read More
16-09-2013 5 years 5 weeks ago
Second Sight - Silhouettes - August 1977
Second Sight was based on using photography to get people to look again.  It came in two parts - part 1 was  events around the City and part 2  was photographic games played with young people in 4 different playschemes.  This is a description of part two - although there are good descriptions of the games, we have very little in the way of photographs. Silhouettes Read More
25-07-2017 2 years 44 weeks ago
Sheep Works And Head Works
First Game The players are invited to create an image of an object using smaller images of different varieties of the same object. The Headwork (a head made up of pictures of heads) and its companion the Sheepwork (a sheep made up of pictures of sheep) are two examples of how this was carried out at the Blackie. Read More
18-09-2012 5 years 7 weeks ago
Water Works 2
Second Game The first part of the game is played in silence. The players are informed that each of them has been given a card which is allocated somewhere within the area of play (though not deliberately hidden). Read More
18-09-2012 6 years 41 weeks ago
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