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Outdoor Games

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Almost all games, including such board games as chess, can be played both indoors and outdoors.  But almost all the outdoor games we are most familiar with   -  football, tennis, cricket, rugby  -  are games in the images of war.   When it comes to outdoor games which are, in contrast, co-operative as well as challenging and creative then (surprisingly or unsurprisingly) the British Army has some of the best games  -  used for assessment and training.  And the most co-operative, most challenging, and most creative of outdoor games may well be mountaineering.

The Black-E’s outdoor games are always co-operative as well as challenging and creative, and these games are as many and varied as the games played indoors.  The outdoor games are sometimes games which can only be played outdoors (for example, designed to be played in a park, or journeys involving photography)  -  sometimes games originally played indoors and then transferred to an outdoor setting (musical carpet tiles), sometimes games presented in public as performances (where the audience can also become participants, as in the ‘Festivals of Games’)  -  are sometimes private games (where only the players, in a street or in a park, know that a game is being played, (for example ‘The Smile Counts Game’)  -  and are sometimes games which take place both indoors and outdoors (for example, The Envelope Game).

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