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Obstacle Course

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There is sometimes a great difference between doing something as well as possible and doing something as quickly as possible.

Traditional obstacle courses are generally completed as quickly as possible, with teams or individual contestants competing to complete the course faster than their competitors.  Generally speaking, there are no prizes for completing the course most gracefully, most efficiently, most imaginatively, or most skilfully.



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DIY Of Obstacle Courses
THE DIY OF OBSTACLE COURSE GAMES The creation of an obstacle course is a game in itself, and may indeed be structured as a game for players to undertake before they venture into an obstacle course of their own creation. Read More
06-05-2015 4 years 47 weeks ago
Players May See Through The Voice Or Hands Of Their Partner
The obstacle course is contained between two white lines.  A blindfolded player within the white lines is being talked through the obstacle course by another player outside the white lines.  The journey to date has taken some twenty minutes and has been a feat of communication and concentration.  Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
The Music Of Silence is Explored
The room is very quiet.  A player is carefully venturing through an obstacle course, and reviewing the obstacles ahead before moving forward.  Read More
23-06-2012 5 years 11 weeks ago
Vital Messages Are Conveyed By Electrons
Could this be a training exercise for astronauts ?  or for TV directors ?  or for camera operators ? A blindfolded player wearing headphones is progressing through an obstacle course of ropes, ladders, and overturned chairs.  Following the blindfolded player through the obstacle course is a player with a video camera.  Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
When One Problem Is Solved Another Problem Appears
It seemed an easy enough game at the beginning.  However, somewhat to the emerging surprise of the players, the game developed over five stages. Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
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