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In Unison

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Coming together with other players as part of a partnership or a team is one of the attractions of games.   Traditional games in which players come together in this way require the different players to perform different activities or tasks at the same time in order to achieve a common objective.  Achieving this common objective also involves the defeat of another partnership or team.


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Democracy Is Tested To Its Limits
The activities in the space look something like a scene from a divine comedy. Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
Is Inspired By The Natural History Of Bees
The game begins when one of the players leaves the room.  When this player returns they begin what appears at first to be a private dance.  All of the other players then begin to copy and learn this dance. Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 2 weeks ago
Almost any activity or task, or sequence or combination of activities and/or tasks, may provide the basis for a unison game.  These activities or tasks may be determined before the game begins, or determined (within prescribed limits) by the players during the course of the game.  Read More
30-04-2016 4 years 10 weeks ago
The Hands Become Warm And The Feet May Relax
A group of players are seated in a circle.  ne of the players begins to clap in rhythm.  The other players take up the rhythm until the group are all clapping in unison.  The clapping continues.  The leader gives a signal and following this signal all the players cease clapping simultaneously. Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
The Players Follow An Invisible Leader
A group of players are travelling very slowly towards the centre of a room.  They are all moving in exactly the same way and at the same slow speed.  When they reach the centre of the room they carefully arrange themselves so that they are cheek to cheek, with all the players connected to one another so that there is no break in this cheek to cheek chain.  The players are quiet and still for a moment, and then begin to count in unison from one to ten with the counting becoming progressively louder and Read More
23-06-2012 4 years 10 weeks ago
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