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Mixed Media

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Medium Paint Theatre 8th July 1969
Have no idea what this event was. We simply have a record that it happened.  It was a private event - which meant by invitation only - and cost the princely sum of  £3.00.   Given the title we suspect that it was an event which included participants painting an area, having tea and coffee and listening to the group Manic Depression.   Read More
27-08-2013 6 years 40 weeks ago
Terminal Experience - 28th/29th April 1972
Terminal Experience was one of a series of mixed media events (including 'Cube' and 'Kong') which were created by members of Blackie staff, in this case led by Martin Brems;  in conjunction with poets - in this case Dave Calder and Jim Stewart; and musicians, in this case Death Kit, Nick Morgan and Jim Stewart. Read More
08-10-2013 5 years 19 weeks ago
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