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A Question of Equity - April 1990

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 A Question of  Equity was a piece of Research as to the situation of women in the arts on Merseyside.  It was undertaken by Wendy Harpe and funded by Merseyside Arts. 

It was a result of work done by The Women in Arts Research Group which was based at the Blackie, but which operated under the auspice of Mersyside Arts which provided administrative back up.

The pages below are scanned copies of the final report except that The Main Findings have been condensed into 1 page (Page 28) and similiarly the Conclusions and Recommendations (Page 29).

The actual Questionnaire has not been included but if anyone wants a copy of the Report they can get it from The Black-E.

This was originally intended to be phase one of a larger researh project, but sadly phase two never happened.