The Archive offers a display of 40-plus years of cultural history. Who did what, why, when and to what effect. More than an absorbing archive: also a do-it-yourself kit to contribute to future cultural initiatives; covering events created by the Black-E as well as the work of visiting artists.

Ancient Futures - Aug. 1996 - For Dance UK Bulletin
 Ancient Futures Read More
12-10-2018 3 days 5 hours ago
Ancient Futures - May 1996
This Conference was not run by the Black-E but it is included in the Archive a) because of Bill's involvement  and b) because the Archive aims to include work associated with Black Dance which links to work done at the Black-E Read More
10-10-2018 3 days 4 hours ago
Black Dance In Britain - 23 August 1993
Left is the flye Read More
17-11-2017 3 days 5 hours ago
Dance & Diversity - Sept 05
This Seminar was not run by the Black-E but it is included in the Archive a) because of Bill's involvement  and b) because the Archive aims to include work associated with Black dance which links to work done at the Black-E  The Seminar was run by  IRIE! Dance and City and Islington College (Saturday 24 September 05). Read More
26-09-2018 3 days 5 hours ago
The Blackie Reports On Food - 1998
This was the third of four such Reports.     Read More
04-10-2018 4 days 1 hour ago
The Blackie Reports On Dance - 1995
This was the second of four such Reports.     Read More
04-10-2018 5 days 6 hours ago
The Blackie Reports On Music - May 1993
This was the first of  four such Reports.  It was the only one done using old technology  - that is the photos, cartoons,  etc were cut out and pasted onto the background .   Read More
04-10-2018 5 days 6 hours ago
The Blackie Reports On Film - 2002
This is the fourth Blackie Reports and currently the last one.  It is somewhat longer than the others, eight pages as opposed to four and was run as part of Making a Difference programme.    Read More
05-10-2018 1 week 2 days ago
Poetry Plus
The following are events based round a specific poet, but often with music, and/or additonal readers.  For some poets we built a specific environment.  But by and large we know very little about these events since often all we have is the original leaflet and our ever fading memories. Read More
27-11-2012 1 week 4 days ago
The Blackie Reports 03-10-2018 1 week 5 days ago
Building Sight - Slides - 8/9 February 1975
The installation consisted of slides of the internal structures of the building material being used on the site. So slides of concrete, steel, bricks, etc. The slides were sourced from laboratories, and universities.  Overall there were 81 slides.  They were projected from within the site on a large screen on the back wall.  Read More
12-11-2014 3 years 37 weeks ago
Building Sight - The Concept -Sept 1974/Feb 1975
The Context:  The Blackie started its rebuilding programme in 1974  - as the building was stripped out there appeared the most amazing space which changed on a regular basis as the building work progressed. Read More
19-09-2014 1 year 17 weeks ago
Building Sight- Light On Site - 29th December 1974
Light on Sight was an event done to celebrate Wendy Harpe's birthday based on her Vigil For Peace.  The site was strongly lit, people clothed in black moved slowly along the beams placing lit night lights at the junctions wherever girders/ beams met. Read More
07-01-2015 3 years 40 weeks ago
Carnem Et Ciclum Dec 1972
Carnum et Ciclum was created by Leopoldo Maler as an event to celebrate  the original auditorium Below is the leaflet/poster  which announced the event  ________________________________________________________________              CARNEM ET CICLUM Read More
16-10-2012 3 years 25 weeks ago
Caught Up - Summer 1983
The Idea The summer of 1983 saw a variation - but in some ways also a continuation - on that year’s Easter Play Scheme theme of wool and weaving. The summer’s Play Scheme took the theme of spiders and their own weaving techniques. The theme proved to be very fruitful with a total of over 4,000 attendances over 54 sessions and some truly innovative takes on the spider theme. Read More
04-04-2015 3 years 25 weeks ago
Celebrating Ed Murphy's Life - 6th Oct 2017 02-07-2018 6 weeks 3 days ago
Chance Is Brought About By Touch
A group of players are dancing with hoola-hoops.  Some players are keeping the hoola-hoops in motion around their waists, some around their hips, and some around their necks, arms, or legs.  Whenever a hoola-hoop falls to the floor the player simply picks up the hoop and starts again. Meanwhile, one other player  -  in an area with flowers and vases  -  is practising flower arrangement. Read More
22-06-2012 2 years 24 weeks ago
Collage By Letter
The game begins with the players going on a journey to an agreed destination. Read More
17-09-2012 3 years 20 weeks ago
Community Arts In Great Britain By Rufus Harris 01-11-2017 49 weeks 5 days ago
Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists' Social Initiatives Sunday 1 November, 2015
The Conference "Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists' Social Initiatives" took place at the Black-E on November 1st 2015.  It was convened by The Liverpool Biennial and Andrea Phillips, in association with Visible Award 2015 and Tate Liverpool The programme was as follows:- 10.30-11.00 Registration and coffee. Read More
14-11-2015 2 years 41 weeks ago

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